Durango Herald Small Press



We consider it a pleasure and a privledge to work
with an incredibly diverse group of knowledgeable and gifted people.



Fred M. Blackburn

B.J. Boucher

Ronald C. Brown

Tracey L. Chavis

Kathleen Fiero

Elizabeth A. Green

Jim Greenhill

Douglas J. Hamilton

Kathleen L. Howard

William G. Howard

Charlie Langdon

Florence C. Lister

William R. Morris

Duane A. Smith

Jack Turner

Ian Thompson

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

William C. Winkler


Richard Gilbert

McCarson L. Jones

Jerry McBride

Nancy Richmond

Claude Steelman




Authors & Photographers

From the very beginning of our publishing adventure, we've worked with a multitude of accomplished authors and photographers.

Our list of talent includes – but is not limited to – archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, journalists, poets and artists. This list includes people who are filled with a deep curiosity and a true passion for the subjects they study, write about, and photograph. Thanks to these talented folks, we all benefit and are enriched by their hard work, creativity and effort.

Working with each person on our list has been a rewarding experience. We invite you to get a closer look at who these people are.




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