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In the Shadow fo the Rocks

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6” x 9”, Soft Cover, 83 pages, B&W
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The Bearing Tree

Poems 2002-2003

Charlie Langdon

“Charlie Langdon’s poems, spring from a long and wonderful tradition of telling stories that matter with words that capture hearts. These are poems about the folly of current wars and the final days of lives well lived, about landscapes that offer succor and vital

relationships that give us reasons to live. His voice is strong, true, and even wise, if I may use that word, by which I mean, I think these poems are the progeny of Charlie’s keen eyesight and his soul.” – Russell Martin, author Picasso’s War

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From author Tony Hillerman:

America’s best living poet is back with The Bearing Tree - and it bears a full bushel of fine fruit. The long dry season is over for lovers of

From author Will Hobbs:

From the ancients to Ghost Ranch to Baghdad to the stars, Charlie Langdon’s poems of 2002 - 2003 are finely wrought, with turns of phrase, insight and depth of feeling that make you rejoice for what words can do. The Bearing Tree is a treasure and a source of comfort in ‘interesting times.’ His lines soar on wings of caring for family, humanity, and the deer outside the window. Read them aloud and often.

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Charlie Langdon


Charlie Langdon

A veteran newsman and author, Charlie Langdon was a columnist and senior critic for the Durango Herald. His books include two volumes of poetry, The Dandelion Vote and The Bearing Tree, and Durango Ski, a history of Purgatory Ski Resort.


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