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In the Shadow fo the Rocks

ISBN 978-1-887805-37-7

5” x 7” Color, 94 pages, Soft cover
Price: $11.99

Walking Durango

History, Sights and Stories

Peggy Winkworth

Why did outlaws kidnap a minister?
Where were the saloons?
Did one lawman really shoot another?
What famous boxer fought here?

First in the new Detours series, Walking Durango is a fun history scavenger hunt for all ages. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a long-time resident, this smart little book will keep you looking, learning, and laughing as you stroll the streets of our Historic Districts.

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ISBN 978-1-887805-39-1

5” x 7” Color, 100 pages, Soft cover

Price: $11.99


Walking Telluride

History, Sights and Stories

Erica Kinias

What energy revolution started in Telluride? 
What outlaw robbed his first bank there? 
How did an oil painting lead to true love? 
What was really sold in 1920s soft-drink parlors?

From sacred Ute hunting grounds to mining boomtown and playground for free spirits and celebrities, Telluride is a place like no other. Walking Telluride is a fun photo scavenger hunt that takes you on a stroll through historic Telluride while entertaining you with stories of the famous and infamous, of fortunes made and dreams destroyed. Look, learn and laugh while taking a walk.

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In the Shadow fo the Rocks

ISBN 978-1-887805-38-4

5” x 7” Color, 92 pages, Soft cover

Price: $11.99 Quantity:


Walking Silverton

History, Sights and Stories

Beverly Rich

For such a small town, there's a lot to see in Silverton, Colorado. Walking Silverton will help you explore the town and learn a bit about the people, places, and events that are part of its rich history. Think of this tour as a scavenger hunt through time and events. At designated stops, you’ll have a clue photo to guide you to interesting buildings and landmarks. Turn the page, and you'll find a collection of photos and stories that will enlighten, amuse, and inform you. Who knew history could be so much fun?



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